Hollywood Comes to Bakersfield

This year is proving to be a glamorous headliner in Kern County as Bakersfield’s own SDCC-style Comic Con will be featuring some serious Hollywood star power, adding award-winning rising star Rene Michelle Aranda (Expelled, Searching, Papa) to their roster of featured celebrities. Making the trip up north from Los Angeles in a few shorts days, the younger of two famous Aranda public figures (her elder brother, Michael, is a YouTube Star) is joining E.T.’s Dee Wallace, Power Ranger’s Ciara Hanna, and Star Trek’s Tracee Coco and Rico Anderson. This will be Aranda’s 3rd convention in Kern County just this year, including Bakersfield Collector-Con in August and Fresno’s Nitro Con in October.

Aranda at Collector-Con
Cast and crew of Night Mistress at Bakersfield Collector-Con

This year marks the 11th annual gathering of local collectors, hobbyists and fans in the name of Bakersfield Comic Con as they celebrate favorite franchises and support their native filmmaker’s own creative endeavors. Just years ago, the movie Papa filmed in the Bakersfield Rosewood senior living center, bringing to town a caravan of household names in its cast: Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Ann-Margret, Frankie Avalon, Mischa Barton, Paul Sorvino, Robert Scott Wilson, Eric Roberts and more, including BCC’s newly announced V.I.P, Ren Aranda.

Kern County Fairgrounds. Photo by Trolleyville Times

The convention will be held at the Kern County Fair Grounds for two days, the weekend of November 17th and 18th, a little over two hours from the celebrity studded “City of Angels”. Among those representing the Entertainment Industry are producers, writers, directors, editors and concept artists involved in bringing audiences creative content from legendary titles like Lord of the Rings, Watchmen and Star Wars.

The convention is slated to happen just a week after the larger two fires sparked that are sweeping California as they set tragic new records, and locale-wise is sandwiched between, but conditions are not expected to reach the venue during the event and some exhibitors, including Aranda, have pledged on social media to donate proceeds of merchandise to wildfire relief in response to the blazes wreaking devastation in their home state.

You can find information about more guests, vendors, panels, ticket prices and hotel deals on the convention’s official website.

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Hey there Fans & Friends, meet the cast and creators of 'Night Mistres" a new Horror film premiering next year. The writer/director and 7 cast members will be attending Bakersfield Comic-Con this weekend, November 17th and 18th at the Kern County Fair Grounds. . . PHILIP CABLE Philip Cable is the writer/director of the horror thriller NIGHT MISTRESS. Philip also plays a police detective in the movie. Philip is a 40 year plus vetran of motion pictures and has made over 100 movies. Philip is also the author of the book Make Movies That Make Money! . . RAYSTER MICHEAL QUIROGA Rayster is the CEO of the hugely successful film company Dream Cinema. Ray is also a popular actor whose credits include "Mansion of Blood" and "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". Films: Mansion of blood, The extra, Cotton, Unknowns, The Carla Laemmle story, Independence Day, The last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Green olds, Black magic woman. Television:, Days of our lives, Power rangers, Over 50 Commercials, Star Cam, Shamira show. . . RENE MICHELLE ARANDA Rene Michelle Aranda is an award winning actress who has made tv & movie appearances on major networks Netflix, Syfy, Discovery I.D., Starz, ION, Lifetime and more. She has made special guest appearances on talk shows and has been featured in music videos, newspapers, magazines and a buzzfeed community article. Her own music can be found on platforms across the web and in feature film Boris and the Bomb, which she also has a role in. . . TRACEE COCCO Tracee Cocco is best known for her years on Star Trek: the Next Generation, wherein she played helmsman Lt. Jae and for the several aliens she portrayed on Deep Space 9. She is also known for her voice work on the Demolition Man video game. In the movie NIGHT MISTRESS she plays the villainous Jacobi, the bodyguard that protects the man villain. . . REBECAH RYE Sunday Only . . JAVIER CAZARES Saturday Only He is one of the stars of NIGHT MISTRESS, playing a vice detective in the movie. He also costarred in the mini series The Alien. . . Be sure to check out their panel at 3pm Sunday and learn about the make of this new horror classic movie.

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11th Annual Bakersfield Comic Con, 2018

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